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Mar 2, 2021

On this week’s podcast, we kick off a series of conversations about the meanings and motivations that underlie why we ride. Our first guest is two-time Olympian (wind surfing), former Pro cyclist, Pro team founder, Sport Psychologist, friend, and Ridership member Ted Huang. Together Ted and I explored collaborative...

Feb 23, 2021

This week we sit down with Matt Kadey to unpack (pun intended) the world of bike packing and route design. Matt has designed adventures in Columbia, Costa Rica and Canada. We learn about the design of routes, the idea of the Grand Depart and tools we can all use to design adventures. 

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Feb 16, 2021

This week Randall and Craig take a look back at how each of them found 'the bike' and think back to how ego played a role in improving as a cyclist.   Fast forward to today, we reflect on how ego has largely disappeared and our enjoyment of the sport comes more naturally and independent of competition.   

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Feb 9, 2021

This week we sit down with Patrick Carey from Speed Science Coaching to look at the 5 skills every gravel cyclist needs to master. Whether you come from road or mtb, gravel demands an adaptation of your existing skillset. Patrick drills into 5 foundation level skills you need to know. 

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Jan 26, 2021

This week we sit down with Zachary Lambert, founder of Blackheart Bike Co. in Venice, CA. Zach walks us through the brand's namesake titanium frame and his new retail venture Luft launching in March 2021.

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