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Aug 27, 2019

A conversation with Omata founder, Julian Bleecker about why we ride and the Omata One bicycle computer.

Omata Website

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Tech Corner Sponsored by: Thesis

Tech Corner Transcript:

Mechanical Versus Electric Shifting

These days electronic shifting is receiving quite a bit of hype, but is it actually better? 

Aug 20, 2019

This mini-episode reviews my experience at the inaugural SBT GRVL event in Steamboat Springs, CO. We talk with a number of pros, expo vendors and event organizers about this fantastic first year event.



Aug 6, 2019

A conversation with Mike Kuhn and Gunner Bergey about Pennsylvania Gravel and the Unpaved and Ironcross events.

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Ironcross Website
Ironcross Instagram
Thesis Website
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Thanks, Craig.

In recent years, 1x drivetrains have taken over the...