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Jun 29, 2023

This week on the podcast we dive into the origin story of Wilde Bicycle Co with founder, Jeffrey Frane. As a child, Jeffrey found the bike and along the way found freedom, adventure, and ultimately, a calling. Jeffrey has spend over twenty years in the bike industry finding himself at QBP managing the All City...

Jun 13, 2023

🚴‍♂️ In today's episode, we explore the crucial role of nutrition 🍎 in endurance events such as the Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR), as we discuss this fascinating topic with Denis Faye, an expert in the field of cycling nutrition.

Throughout the episode, our conversation delves into the importance of fueling our...

Jun 6, 2023

This week, your hosts Craig Dalton and Randall Jacobs reconnect with the gravel cycling world and their personal lives, sharing insights and experiences from Sea Otter to UNBOUND. Dive into this episode and join the guys as they discuss the latest from Logos Components, Enduro Bearings, ENVE and a little bit of...